September 18th 2010 – One of Max’s earliest shows and one of his most important.  In this show Max breaks down his view that the so called Earthquake in Haiti was NOT a “Natural Disaster” but a pre-meditated Murder.  He lays out the events prior to the destruction on January 11th-12th in Haiti, in addition to the shady goings on during and after the event. Also, Max includes a fascinating interview with his Haitian friend who gives a first hand account of the destruction in Haiti post-earthquake, as well as, information he gathered from relatives and friends in Haiti during the catastrophe.

This show was created in the early stages of the Max Ratt Show and the production is not terribly well done.  You may have to turn this one up a bit.

Since this show aired, Max has learned quite a bit more about what was the true cause of the massive destruction and multitude of deaths in Haiti. Although he is still uncertain about and unable to prove his suspicions, the more recent occurrences in Christchurch, New Zealand, Sendai, Japan, and the tornadoes in the Southern U.S. all lend credence to his hypothesis.



Check out the More Recent Show titled “Un-Natural Disaters” for more insight.



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