January 8th 2011 – This is Max’s most passionate issue.  No Planes on 911 is an outright reality and the most important insight Max wishes to impart on his listeners.  The reality that No Planes crashed in ANY location on September 11th 2001 is an integral part of understanding the depth of the lies and deception revolving all around 9/11.  The most important reason to comprehend the No Planes conclusion is that No Planes means No Terrorists and No Hijackers and No Muslim Extremists and No Al Qaeda were involved on the fateful day of September 11th.    This was a massive Psy-op perpetrated on the American Sheeple and the Peoples of the World.  This was the prerequisite for Wars and more Wars and perpetual Military engagements all over the World. In addition, the 9/11 psy-op is also the precursor for the advancement of the Police State here in America as well as the installation of Police Mechanisms and Security Apparatus’ in U.S. Puppet States globally.  Of course this results in huge revenues and massive wealth transferal to War Profiteering Transnational Corporations and Global Banking Cartels. Max features the album Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon throughout the entire show and he mixes in some comic relief for your entertainment pleasure.


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