March 28th 2011 – In this show Max attempts to unravel the mystery of the rash of recent so called “Natural Disasters” in Haiti, Iceland, Indonesia, New Zealand, and now Japan.  Max is convinced these occurrences are not happening by accident or “naturally” in nature.  Max lays out his case as he dissects the lies and misdirection plastered all over the Main Stream Media.  Max pays particular attention to the nonsensical propaganda spewing fearmongering appearances by media sweetheart Dr. Michio Kaku.  The Ratt makes it quite clear that Kaku is a clown and imposter/scammer, yet he is perplexed by the notoriety and respect this fraudulent media hack (Kaku) has received lately.  Of course, the usual great tunes and funny clips. UPDATE Thursday August 25th 2011… In the last few months I have changed my view on what is it that causes these Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanos, and Tornados.  I don’t think its a Bomb or Tactical Nuke…  the Earthquakes and Tornadoes are something different.. Some sort of High Tech Resonant Frequency Weapon or “DEW” (Directed Energy Weapon or (Scalar Weapon) or sumpthin’? – Max Ratt 🙂

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