December 5th 2011- Max is back from a brief hiatus with an in depth analysis of the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State Hoax.  In this show, Max deconstructs the nonsensical circus surrounding the looting and pillaging of the Huge Penn State Endowment as well as the Entire Pennsylvania Public Pension/Employee Retirement System.  This is another Deception used to distract and mislead the American Citizens as they are once again Robbed! Comic Relief and Kool Tunes included.

A Message from Max Ratt: Hello and thanks for your interest.  If you went to Penn State or you are currently a student and you would like to share some information corroborating or conflicting with my views PLEASE interact… Info from REAL insiders is always infinitely better than my having to unravel or deduce the Truth.. Come on now.. There’s gotta be someone out there who knows the Truth …
I didn’t go to Penn State .. I don’t know.. I can just hypothesize 🙂


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