January 21st 2012-  In this episode Max analyzes the nonsensical story of the “Costa Concordia”.  Max is convinced that, once again, this is a fabricated story used as a mind control tool.  This is another ridiculous story cleverly conjured up by the Mass Media Propaganda Machine.  The Ship symbolizes the “Euro Zone” and the story is a metaphoric creation to subliminally and consciously direct the thoughts and rationalizations of the absolutely brainwashed, TV worshiping, distracted public.  This story is contrived and crafted to control and orchestrate the initial reaction of the TV mesmerized Sheeple and then to misdirect their anger and frustration towards their next door neighbors or “fellow shipmates” as well as pit the so called “crew members” (of whom also reside on the SAME SHIP)  against their fellow shipmates.  All to distract and deflect the blame away from the TRUE Criminals who reside in the World we don’t see on Television.



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